About the Firm

Experience matters. From the Panhandle to the Keys, the lawyers at Shuster & Saben are experienced in the areas of Personal Injury Protection and personal injury claims. Since 2004, we've prosecuted over 500,000 PIP claims on behalf of medical professionals. In fact, most of our lawyers are guest lecturers around the State of Florida on strategies and updates in the law. We are always available to our clients and client communication is the highest priority. You help patients. We help you. 

Personal Injury Protection

Our Philosophy

At Shuster & Saben, we believe in making a statement IN COURT! No law firm in Florida that handles PIP claims has as many published orders as Shuster & Saben. Why does that matter to you? Because we're not just following the law, we're making the law! Favorable rulings throughout the State of Florida on key issues involving getting doctors paid is what we are known for. Shuster & Saben has over 100 published orders that helped shape the law to maximize recovery for our clients. You may not hear about that in a television commercial or on a billboard, but the insurance companies hear about us when we challenge them in court.