Personal injury protection insurance, otherwise known as PIP, covers vehicle accident medical costs no matter which driver caused the accident. It’s required in several US states, including Florida. So if you are wondering more about how does PIP insurance work, contact us at Shuster & Saben LLC to talk to one of our skilled and experienced staff.

PIP insurance is different than regular auto insurance. One of those differences is that it only pays the expenses of the policyholder and the blood relatives in his or her car at the time of the accident. That means there isn’t any sort of requirement for someone to be found not guilty of the accident, as it doesn’t matter who is at fault once PIP insurance kicks in.

Coverage and Limits for PIP insurance

If you are also wondering how PIP insurance works in Florida with respect to coverage, speak to a skilled lawyer at Shuster & Saben LLC and we can get you the most precise and current data. As of the time of this article, Florida PIP insurance pays up to 80 percent of your covered medical bills after an auto accident, and may also pay for lost wages or funeral expenses. Plus, you can pay a higher rate and get the other 20 percent of medical costs covered.

It’s vital to get the proper amount of coverage for PIP insurance. This way you can be certain to have expenses covered and have peace of mind in the event of a covered accident. If you have any questions about how PIP insurance works, make an appointment to learn more about PIP insurance today.

What Doesn’t PIP Insurance Cover?

Besides knowing what PIP covers, it’s also vital to understand what expenses it doesn’t cover. Part of knowing how PIP insurance works is knowing that it doesn’t cover property damage. Plus, it doesn’t cover 100 percent even of the covered costs unless you have bought additional insurance over the minimum required by law.

It also doesn’t cover bodily liability, as that is a different kind of coverage that pays people you are legally liable for harming, while PIP covers just your medical bills. Plus, PIP doesn’t cover legal defense costs either. So, if you still have additional questions about how PIP insurance work, then call us or send us an email today.

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