PIP Insurance Coverage Miami

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If you live anywhere in Florida, including Miami, you will have to purchase personal injury protection insurance. Otherwise known as PIP or “no fault” insurance, this is a mandatory requirement in this state. PIP insurance coverage is a means through which individuals can avoid going to court to collect medical fees. Under PIP, the injured driver of a vehicle in an accident is allowed to claim up to 10,000 in immediate medical coverage. On paper, the plan sounds ideal. Continue reading PIP Insurance Coverage Miami


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Folks, Big Insurance continued their “takeaway” of rights for their insureds (your patients) in 2015 with the gifts given to insurance carriers with the 2013 amendments to Florida Statute 627.736, also know as “The PIP Statute”. These amendments resulted in medical providers getting reimbursed less, or not at all, on PIP claims for auto-related medical treatment, services, and supplies. Here are the three most important issues that we saw litigated in the court system in 2015…and they are sure to be litigated in 2016.

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How Does PIP Insurance Work?

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Personal injury protection insurance, otherwise known as PIP, covers vehicle accident medical costs no matter which driver caused the accident. It’s required in several US states, including Florida. So if you are wondering more about how does PIP insurance work, contact us at Shuster & Saben LLC to talk to one of our skilled and experienced staff.

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Florida PIP Insurance – A 2015 Recap

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It’s the Time of the Season and it’s all about giving. In December at Shuster & Saben, we devote considerable time towards our charity work to help those less fortunate. However, with respect to PIP (personal injury protection) benefits, it’s always about receiving! We are in the BUSINESS of making sure our clients are RECEIVING the full amount of benefits owed from Big Insurance for medical bills  covered by PIP. 

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