It’s the Time of the Season and it’s all about giving. In December at Shuster & Saben, we devote considerable time towards our charity work to help those less fortunate. However, with respect to PIP (personal injury protection) benefits, it’s always about receiving! We are in the BUSINESS of making sure our clients are RECEIVING the full amount of benefits owed from Big Insurance for medical bills  covered by PIP. 

lawThis year, we saw PIP insurance carriers significantly reduce bills from medical providers for necessary medical services. As we expected, since the 2013 amendments to the PIP statute took effect, insurance companies have tried to pocket as much money for themselves at the expense of doctors and claimants who seek payment for medical services rendered. That said, in 2015, Shuster & Saben recovered MORE benefits for our clients than ANY other year in our history!!! It’s not because the law is any easier or because insurance companies are fighting less; it’s because we’re working harder! 

2016 promises to be a challenging year for medical providers. While the legislature did not amend the PIP statute in their last legislative session, the 2013 amendments are now being litigated statewide between Big Insurance and attorneys for medical providers. 

No law firm in Florida produced more favorable case law precedent for doctors in 2015 than Shuster & Saben!! 

Why is that important to you? Because an adverse ruling on YOUR cases can result in your case being thrown out of court, costing you thousands. No lawyer can ever promise a guaranteed result, however, the lawyers at Shuster & Saben have a proven record of courtroom success…and that’s your best insurance against Big Insurance. 

It’s Holiday Season. Make sure you do something charitable for someone else this month. Then, if you are a doctor in Florida or if you are treating with a doctor for a car accident, do something good for yourself and contact Shuster & Saben to ensure that your medical bills get paid in full. It’s a FREE CONSULTATION and we have offices statewide, so we are close to you and your office. Go to or call toll-free 877-511-7829.

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