If you live anywhere in Florida, including Miami, you will have to purchase personal injury protection insurance. Otherwise known as PIP or “no fault” insurance, this is a mandatory requirement in this state. PIP insurance coverage is a means through which individuals can avoid going to court to collect medical fees. Under PIP, the injured driver of a vehicle in an accident is allowed to claim up to 10,000 in immediate medical coverage. On paper, the plan sounds ideal. In reality, several issues exist creating problems for those who want to receive the money from the insurance party for their injuries.

What Is Wrong with PIP Insurance Coverage?

At Shuster & Saben LLC, we are PIP and Personal Injury Lawyers, specializing in PIP and personal injury cases. We understand the motives behind this form of insurance. We also know how difficult it can become for our clients to receive the money they deserve. Why is this so? The reasons vary.

If an injured driver wants to file a claim under PIP, he or she has to do so within a set number of days. In fact, the injured person has two specific periods that will affect the acceptance of his or her claim. These are:

  1. The PIP Requirement: Under the law, a personal injury claim with PIP must specifically show treatment was received within 14 days of the incident.
  2. Statute of Limitations: Under the law, an individual has a longer period of time – 10 years before the right to file expires
  3. Insurance Thresholds: Under the law, certain maximum and minimums are in place. The minimum governs how much insurance you must purchase (coverage is $10,000); the maximum dictates the amount you can collect to pay for your personal injuries

These are not the only issues concerning PIP. Under this law, you are restricted to certain providers for your treatment. PIP providers can also control the specific treatment you can receive. Drivers in Miami Florida are bound by these regulations. There are no exceptions.

Shuster & Saben and PIP Insurance Coverage

Florida’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance is not client friendly. Its goal was to free up the courts from litigation and reduce the ability of drivers suffering from personal injury to make a just claim. In Miami, we at Shuster & Saben, LLC will work with you to fight for what PIP insurance coverage promises you but often fails to deliver.

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