PIP insurance coverage is found in only 10 states in America including New York, North Dakota and Pennsylvania. Florida is a popular state that requires PIP coverage. Before you decide to operate a vehicle, it is essential you understand exactly what is PIP insurance and what it involves.

Defining PIP Insurance

What Is PIP? PIP is an acronym for personal injury protection. This mandatory requirement for all licensed drivers is also referred to as “Florida No Fault Insurance.” As true no fault insurance, its intent is simple. It will cover you no matter who is at fault for the accident. Of course, this means it will only cover up to the extent the policy allows and no further.

Mandatory for Who?

Everyone who drives a vehicle with four wheels or more must purchase PIP insurance. This includes visitors or business owners who do not live in the state but operate their vehicles in Florida for more than 90 days during a 365-day cycle. Even if you move out of state but still have a licensed vehicle in the state, you must maintain the insurance until you deregister it. If you are moving, do not remove the insurance until you have registered the vehicle and gotten insurance in the other state, severing all automotive ties with Florida. In other words, as long as your vehicle is registered in Florida, it must have PIP insurance coverage.

What and Who Does PIP Insurance Cover?

Your insurance policy will state specifically what it does and does not cover. It can include coverage for

  • You

  • Your children – in your vehicle and on a school bus

  • Household members

  • Passengers – who do not have their own PIP insurance and do not own a vehicle

PIP will provide you with protection while you are riding in another person’s vehicle. It is also able to cover you if you are struck by a car or other motorized vehicle while riding a bicycle or as a pedestrian.

Your PIP does not cover over the amount provided in your policy. It also does not include those passengers in your vehicle who already have PIP insurance. Their PIP will cover their personal injuries. It also does not mean you will experience little or no problems when you submit a PIP claim to your insurance company.

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