Car crashes kill thousands of people a year. The CDC reports that drunk driving or alcohol-related driving caused about 9,967 deaths in the country in 2014. That’s roughly about one person dying every 53 minutes. But these numbers only tell the story about alcohol related driving. They don’t show all the numbers.

All in all, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that there were about 29,989 fatal car crashes in the U.S. that year. All had resulted into 32,6275 deaths. That’s about roughly 10.2 deaths occurring every 100,000 people. The loss is staggering.

Protection on the Road

Given the numbers, it’s safe to say that accidents can happen at anytime while you’re behind the wheel, no matter how careful you are or how much you follow road signs and instructions, a curveball could hit you out of nowhere and you’ll find yourself in an accident with a drunken or reckless driver.

That’s where your Personal Injury Protection policy comes in.

PIP Coverage

Also known as the no-fault policy, PIP is the policy no-fault states require. If the event of an accident, it typically covers the following costs:

  • Medical bills, including rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages because of injuries sustained in the accident
  • Funeral bills

The DMV says a few select states allow your PIP coverage to travel with you. If you get involved in a car accident as a passenger, you’ll have your costs covered. So check with your policy to make sure what you’re entitled to. Understand your policy from top to bottom so you know exactly what your rights and obligations are.

Health Insurance and PIP

It’s also possible for you to use your health insurance first. Then, for costs that exceed your health insurance coverage, you can use PIP. However, make sure you check and verify if this is possible with your current health insurance provider.

Finding Legal Help

So if you’re looking for PIP insurance coverage in Florida, then look no further than the Shuster & Saben LLC. We offer legal representation for PIP and personal injury cases. We don’t just fight for your rights in court, we make sure you get the maximum compensation due to you. In addition, we provide you with peace of mind, knowing that justice has been served. So if you get involved in an accident, make sure you’ve got the legal help you need. For more details on how we can help you, reach out to us today.

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