Miami, FL Based PIP Law Firm

Have you had your claim denied or reduced by your insurers? Whether you're a doctor facing unpaid medical bills due to an insurance company's reluctance to pay up, or a patient concerned about the cost of their medical treatment if the insurance company won't reimburse you, access to high grade legal assistance is essential. Our PIP insurance lawyer has a deep understanding of the legal technicalities which govern insurance in Florida, enabling them to offer relevant advice and build a strong case in your favor.

Insurance Companies Don't Want To Pay Out!

The law which surrounds insurance payouts is complex and there are many different ways in which insurers can attempt to negate your right to a payout. Failures in submitting the correct information, meeting a deadline on time, or having the wrong type of illness are just some of the circumstances where an insurer may try to argue that your claim should be disallowed. Our personal injury protection insurance attorney understands all these tactics and can normally come up with a robust defense which will help increase your chances of a successful payout.

It's Always Worth Contacting Our PIP Lawyer

After a claim has been turned down, many people feel that their options have been exhausted and attempt to find other solutions to the financial problems a refused insurance payout causes. Even if you've already had your claim rejected, or the accident precipitating your claim happened some time ago, it's always worth getting in touch with our legal professionals to see if there's anything which can be done to pursue the matter further.

Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection Coverage Should Be Just That!

There's no point in having appropriate coverage if you can't claim when you need to. Our team is dedicated to enabling people who live and work in and around Miami, FL to get the payout that's rightfully theirs. If you're having problems with your personal injury insurance company, or need further information about how we can help, call us now at (877) 511 7829.