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Doctors, are you discovering it's difficult to obtain the insurance money you're entitled to? Patients, do you find that getting your treatment paid for by your insurer is becoming a challenge? To many people, it seems as if insurers are becoming increasingly reluctant to hand money over, even when the claim is entirely justified. This is where we here at Shuster & Saben, LLC come in; as a leading PIP insurance lawyer, we've got the skills and experience needed to take on your case, no matter how challenging it may be.

Shuster & Saben, LLC - PIP Law Firm Specialists

We specialize in injury protection insurance and have an in-depth knowledge of the complex case law and legislation which surrounds insurance in Florida. We have undertaken a significant number of cases in Orlando, gaining valuable experience in exactly how the system works in the area. In many cases, our PIP claim lawyer has been responsible for successfully challenging existing interpretations of the law, forcing insurance companies to hand over the appropriate financial sum to our clients.

Don't Let Them Get Away With It!

If you've paid your premiums, you should be able to count on your insurance company to pay up. Unfortunately, some companies are reluctant to do so, leaving doctors and patients struggling to deal with large medical bills. Our meticulous approach and determination to win justice for our clients means we put together a strong case which frequently results in the right outcome on your claim.

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As one of the most successful personal injury protection insurance attorney firms in the country, we are proud of our track record in obtaining the payouts for our clients which they deserve. If you're located in Orlando, FL and need a PIP law firm that's committed to your cause, Shuster & Saben, LLC is here to help. To book an initial consultation to discuss your legal issues in more detail, call us at (877) 511-7829.