PIP Claim Lawyer for Tampa, FL Residents

When you've got car insurance personal injury protection coverage, you would think that, should you be the victim of a car accident that wasn't your fault, your medical bills would be automatically paid by your insurer. For many Tampa residents, this simply isn't the case. Insurance companies can come up with all sorts of excuses and spurious reasons why they won't pay. In some cases they may decide to make a partial payout, leaving you with a significant shortfall to make up. In these circumstances, a skilled PIP insurance lawyer can really make a difference.

PIP Law Firm Helping Doctors and Patients

A lack of insurance money affects both doctors and patients, potentially jeopardizing access to medical treatment as well as causing friction and frustration as the bills continue to mount. We know that in many cases, insurance companies withhold payment unnecessarily, causing misery to vulnerable, injured people and their families. Our expert legal team knows how insurance companies work and can usually come up with a sound argument for them to review their decision and pay out the money you're entitled to.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance Attorney on Your Side

We know that taking on an insurance company can be difficult, particularly if you're still recovering from the injuries you sustained. Our aim is to make the claim process as stress free and straight-forward as possible, minimizing the stress our clients experience. We will always explain the legal process to you, as well as offer the very best advice we can, resulting in a supportive, dependable service that our clients really value.

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With an excellent understanding of state law as it relates to PIP insurance and a pro-active, “can do” attitude, it's little wonder a growing number of people who live in or around Tampa are turning to us for help with their claim. To find out more about how we can help or book an individual consultation, call us now at (877) 511 7829.